The Sacred Root Chakra Talisman features intentionally charged root chakra red beads, a read hamsa and nazar beads to protect one's aura from psychic attack. The hamsa has great significance to Middle Eastern and North African people. It is believed that the symbol was created and used it as an amulet. Over time, it continued to be seen as a symbol of protection from evil, especially from the ‘evil eye’, that primal fear that has existed in almost all cultures. The root chakra is essentially our bluetooth connection to Mother Earth. If you are looking to create space within your aura for bulding foundations ( physically & spiritually ), be more present, connect back to the original mother with ease; make this talisman your new meditation buddy.


Root Chakra Birthright Affirmation: The right to be here, the right to have.


Measurement: 18'' Barrel screw closure

Sacred Root Chakra Talisman