The Orchid Lioness Magick Box features the feminine frequency of orchids accompanied with Lioness symbolism. Orchids symbolize fertility and elegance. Pink orchids exude a magickal joy inducing quality. If the Lion Spirit Animal makes you aware of its presence, the majestic Cat introduces you to its uncommon strength and vitality. Lion often appears to a person who needs to reclaim their space and take back a leadership role in life. The same Spirit Animal finds brave and outspoken people with leadership potential attractive. Lioness, as a Spirit Animal, likes people who nurture and protect the weak. Each Magick Box is hand painted by the Magick Mooress using the ancient Indian block-printing method. This box has a black velvet lining and chain guard. 

Measurements: L: 8" x W: 6"x H: 4" 

Orchid Lioness Magick Box