The Divine Empath Talisman features a vintage glass pendent copper wired with blue Goldstone on a brass choker. 


Use to increase telepathic communication
Enhances empathic and hypersensitive abilities
Helps one gain recognition
Helpful for children who are afraid of the dark
Encourages the discovery and acceptance of authentic self
Attracts fame and success
Aids the development of invisibility
Very strong generator of energy (use when more energy is needed)
Helps to calm and focus the mind
Aids in the channeling of psychic information
Provides composure and stabilizes emotions
Lifts the spirit and raises our vibration to higher octaves
Effective in the transmission of healing energies from the Heart, Throat and Third-Eye
Useful For Migraines
Enhance Eye-Sight
Reduces Stomach Tension
Heals Psychosomatic Ailments
Use To Conquer Bulimia and Anorexia
Heals Tonsillitis
Heals Angina
Helps With Pain
Helps With Inflammation

Divine Empath Talisman

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