Mariya Aurya El

Hudson Valley-based shaman and

intuitive designer

Mariya, the Magick Mooress, is a Moorish-American intuitive fashion designer and energy healer gifted in the art of crystal talisman and amulet creation. Mariya specializes in Aura Readings that allow her channel divine style guidance to assist her clients in chakra alignment. At the Magick Mooress Design Studio she designs highly vibrational: ceremonial garbs, chakra jewelry and frequency raising regimens that cleanse and strengthen the auric field.

Mariya is a trained fashion designer and a devout " Heal Thy Self" advocate, combining her experiences studying holistic wellness in India with her ongoing studies of indigenous American healing methods, philosophy and spiritual practices. Mariya is also a crystal consultant, empowering others on how to incorporate crystals into their wellness businesses, self care regimens and spiritual practices.

Mariya is also the founder of an indigenous wellness organization called " Noble Indigos " which supports men and women on their healing journey through creating safe spaces for reclaiming aboriginal health and wellness  practices. She curates a monthly chakra-focused womb circle through the organization for the matriarchs of civilization called " The Noble Sister Circle".  www.nobleindigoswellness.com



Rotary International - Youth Exchange Program to study in India for one year

Miami International University of Art & Design - BA of Fine Art specializing in Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Institute of Technology - Summer Session : Sustainability in Textiles

Harlem Business Academy - The Lillian Project Cohort 1: Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

Brooklyn Fashion Academy - Brooklyn Public Library Fashion Design Accelerator Program


Mariya Aurya Design Studio - Conscious design studio specializing in aura readings, talismanic chakra jewelry & accessories, crystal healing & consulting 

Noble Indigos LLC. - Indigenous wellness organization specializing in reclaiming aboriginal practices for healing and wellness. 


Noble Indigo's The Divine Download : Virtual Retreat - Calming with Agate + Chakra Meditation

Joy Academy Virtual Wellness Conference - Aura Wellness Presentation

Ethel's Club - Calming Crystal Healing + Chakra Meditation

                        Frequency Turn- Up: Your Guide to Aura Wellness

Sip. Shop. Eat ! Collective Market - Live Crystal Aura Reading & Virtual Holiday Bazaar 'The Art of Tarot' Workshop + Collective Reading

Baruch College : Black Male Initiative Tool - Kit Tuesday - Guided Meditation Workshop

Noble Indigo's: The Noble Sister Circle - Monthly Chakra Lectures

MetaDen - Frequency Turn- Up: Your Guide to Aura Wellness